Pepe Fanjul Jr.: Credit Recovery Courses

High school students in Western Palm Beach County Florida have an advocate in Pepe Fanjul Jr. Education is the key that unlocks doors of opportunity in life.  The entire Fanjul family believes in offering educational opportunities to children in western Florida through the Everglades Preparatory Academy, which was established by Emilia Fanjul.  During the summer months, the Q81 Foundation conducts a summer enrichment program to offer computer-based credit recovery courses.  Lost ground during the academic year can be regained to prevent leaving the students behind each year.  Mastering skills can be achieved in a setting where additional effort is recognized and rewarded.

Each day, qualified instructors monitor the classroom-based curriculum in the morning.  Guest speakers are invited to enhance the learning opportunities, which include the involvement of local agency services and field trips around the state of Florida.  Pepe Fanjul Jr. has observed the progress of this program for the last three summers and is very pleased with the success of the children.  Students have the opportunity to improve grades and in some cases, regain eligibility to play fall sports.  Breakfast and lunch are provided each day to allow the students to focus on learning.

Pepe Fanjul Jr. believes this program is shaping future leaders.  Offering this program provides guidance that will be invaluable to the participants.  Improvement of schools grades comes through developing each student’s interest in learning.  In the following academic year, previous participants have sustained their learning progress to maintain pace with their peers.  The rewards for offering the program have many facets, such as appreciation for the adults who give up time in their summer.  Many organizations work together to make the program possible.  Working together, students will have the opportunity to change course and seize every chance to learn more and find a positive pathway through life.